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About us


“ This is the piece of furniture entirely  different form the one you can see in stores. It really matters to me that it is so solidly made . You know what kids can do, especially mineJ. And I really like the colours. So vivid and cheerful. 



“The small armchair is superb!

Anyway, everything is great, but this small armchair is the greatest. My kid would really like it.”





About us


The idea of creating Timoore collection has been entirely spontaneous. Each of us  is a parent and each of us looks for products which would satisfy needs of our children.


From the first day perceiving the world begins with the nearest surrounding.  Things around us in our childhood have an enormous impact the way we will see reality in the future. We have desired to create for our children  SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL, SOMETHING PRACTICAL, SOMETHING FUNNY, but over all SOMETHING UNIQUE. Hence our ideas are unique as our children. No compromises! Children deserve the best. These principles have been our guidelines during creation of the Timoore collection. From the conceptual drawings to the final stage of packaging  we have been aware of our mission. Timoore furniture is a range of items which supports children’s development. That's why the collection is safe, nice and modern. TIMOORE IS SOMETHING UNIQUE.






  • Paulina’s mother. Daily struggling with the everyday reality. She starts like ordinary parents at 6 o’clock.  Breakfast, dressing up , journey to kindergarden, work, shopping, dinner and ….. as if it was not enough- looking after a dog. Paulina and her dog create uncontrollable mix for testing durability of the new Timoore products. Sylwia ( apart from coordinating activities of uncontrollable team), is responsible for business support of foreign clients.  She is also responsible for after-production services such as logistics and supervision of the items after leaving the assembly line. Favourite colour: turquoise,  favourite film; “Timur and his team”.







  • Father of Kajetan, Iga and Tymon. Children are his motivation, and at the same time  (to which he solely admits ) the reason of frequent  irritation. In spite of everything, he can not imagine the world without his beloved threesome. A designer and a man responsible for Timoore’s image. His main working tool: a notebook, a pencil and , of course, a computer. Favourite colour: blue,  favourite toy: a computer mouse, favourite summer sport: flies extermination, favourite winter sport: weight loss. Clever and lazy, constantly dissatisfied with the effects of his work. As he always says : “ I have done a little, I have seen a little, but it is still too little! (…)”.